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DDB tweaks social media logos to look like breast examinations

As part of its campaign for the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF), DDB Group Singapore has run a campaign reminding women to check their breasts first thing in the morning.

Playing on a social media theme, the agency is making the logos of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram look like visuals of a breast self-examination. This is for this year’s Breast Cancer Foundation (BCAM) theme of ‘Together we are Stronger’.

Using the tagline ‘If only you checked your breasts as often’, BCF and DDB launched an online appeal to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The appeal aims to lobby social media giants to lend their strength to help drive greater awareness about the disease, by urging them to adopt the unique logos during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The ‘Together we are Stronger’ theme is reiterated in all BCAM activities and materials, serving to remind Singaporeans that we can raise awareness and advocate early detection to save lives and breasts collectively as a united society. Men, too, play a crucial role as we rally husbands, fathers, sons, and all men alike to get behind this year’s BCAM theme in support of their female loved ones.

Managing director of DDB Group Singapore, Rowena Bhagchandani said, “Beyond social media, we’re tugging at heartstrings with artwork inspired by the iconic Pink Ribbon. Charmingly illustrated by artist Tang Yau Hoong, the creative series depicts women hand in hand with loved ones, bonded by the Pink Ribbon. These have also been turned into specially designed t-shirts and posters ( ).”

“The campaign reaches out to everyone, not just women, but anyone with women in their lives to go for regular screenings, for peace of mind and to continue to be there for their loved ones. ”

Ultimately, BCAM 2014 in particular hopes to remind women in Singapore that they have the full support of everyone that cares for them and that they should feel at ease in empowering themselves in the fight against breast cancer.

Creative agency credits:

Neil Johnson, Chief Creative Officer
Joji Jacob, Group ECD
Thomas Yang, Deputy ECD
Marcus Lim, Art Director/Illustrator/Designer
Yuanheng Gao, Senior Copywriter
Rowena Bhagchandani, Managing Director

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