DDB puts more focus into CRM offerings

DDB has entered into a strategic partnership with Tasseologic to offer data-driven CRM strategy and solutions to clients. Already, DDB and Tasseologic have partnered to develop pragmatic, quick-win solutions for its key clients across several Asian markets. This move will also see Tasseologic setting up its first Asian office within DDB Group Singapore.

Tasseologic is a global CRM-consultancy powered by sophisticated analytics to drive marketing strategy. It focuses on identifying patterns in data to predict what lies ahead for clients and customers. With the partnership, Tasseologic will work with the team at DDB Asia to offer CRM solutions, particularly in media spend effectiveness, loyalty marketing and segment strategy. It has a suite of CRM solutions which clients could focus to get the strongest gains.

“We’ve hired and worked with a few CRM experts through the years. I have to say Tasseologic, run by Urvashi Pitre, is exceptional; it is resultsdriven, it understands business reality and it is fast and quick acting. It lives and breathes by the results it delivers, all within 60 days. No doubt this comes from years of relevant category experience from Tasseologic’s very impressive team,” David Tang (pictured), DDB Asia CEO said.

Urvashi Pitre, president of Tasseologic added: “We’re really excited about partnering with DDB. They’re marketing-driven, client-focused, with so much upside to offer to its clients in upselling, cross-selling and data-mining—and to top it all, they are great partners. In Asia in particular, we believe the future is in data – and we get data.”


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