DDB China wins Longi's branding and creative business

Xi’an-based Longi Silicon Materials Corp has appointed DDB China Group as its agency for branding and creative advertising in China.

The agency will take over brand strategy, advertising creative and advertising agency services.

Twelve Tong, general manager of DDB Shanghai said, “In nowadays, energy is in the rise, and China is the major country of energy. The sunshine energy by Longi is quite popular in today's China market, and their ability of science and technology innovation are the first-class.”

Founded in 2000, Longi focuses on the development and manufacture of high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar energy products since its inception, relying on long-term accumulation of lead crystal science and technology, through large-scale production and industrial layout, build monocrystalline silicon slice, single crystal cell components, the distributed power station and large ground the whole industry chain, more wisdom, reliable use of light energy, solar power system solutions for global users.