DBS partners AI platform Kasisto for digibank's virtual assistant

Hot on the heels of its digibank launch in Indonesia, DBS has partnered with Kasisto’s KAI banking, a conversational AI platform for finance to power its digibank virtual assistant. The virtual assistant converses in Bahasa Indonesia.

Through the KAI-powered assistant, digibank aims to provide a seamless banking experience for users without having to speak to a call centre agency. It also aims to have conversations which are accurate and contextual to financial banking to help customers manage money and track expenses. In addition, the assistant looks to help improve overall financial literacy and financial well being.

"DBS is changing the face and economics of banking to make lifestyle banking a reality – giving customers the ability to bank anytime, anywhere. For the last three years, DBS has been deeply immersed in a digital agenda and put conversational AI at the forefront," Zor Gorelov, CEO and co-founder at Kasisto, said.

"With the advent of technology, banking as we know it is being completely transformed. Digibank places an entire bank in our customers' hands, freeing up their valuable time, and allowing them to 'Live More, Bank Less.' For DBS, digibank is a game changer, enabling us to go beyond the confines of brick and mortar to extend our reach into huge Asian markets," Piyush Gupta, DBS CEO, said.

Earlier this month, DBS Bank launched digibank by DBS (digibank) in Indonesia. The move follows a roll out of digibank in India last year, which allowed DBS to penetrate India’s retail banking market with about 1.5 million new customers acquired to date, a statement read