DBS HK invites people to settle tax payment through bank accounts

It's time for Hongkongers to pay taxes. For this tax season, DBS Hong Kong has rolled out a campaign encouraging members to leverage the bank's platform to settle their payments with a number of rewards. 

The campaign "Family as One" invites users to pay taxes by scanning the FPS QR code on their family’s tax, rates or government rent bills via the dedicated DBS iWealth app or the bill payment services in DBS iBanking. Participants can enjoy cash rebates and also have the chance to enter a lucky draw after paying the tax of at least HK$50,000. The more taxes they pay at DBS, the higher the chances they will have to win a prize. 

It's not common for many locals to pay a hefty bill come tax season. To make it easier to reap the rewards of the campaign, DBS Hong Kong allows participants to gather tax bills from their family members for a higher total payment. 

Banks in Hong Kong have been launching a variety of programmes to attract taxpayers to use their platforms. According to DBS Hong Kong, the bank is the only one that rewards customers for a digital tax payment paid by a banking account with perks. This is also the second year in a row that DBS Hong Kong has launched a programme to promote tax settlement digitally, which is especially helpful as people are performing social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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