DBS gifts Sparks-themed jewellery to staff in employee brand push

In conjunction with its golden jubilee, DBS has created and distributed a special DBS Sparks jewellery collection to its employees. The collection was modelled after the spark found in DBS’ logo, consisting of a pair of an 18K gold-plated cufflinks for the men and a necklace for the women.

In a press statement, DBS employees in all 18 of its markets are slated to receive their gifts by the end of February, allowing them to wear the pieces. According to Karen Ngui, head of DBS group strategic marketing and communications, the bank believes that is staff embody the DBS Spark, which represents the “spirit of imagination, that sense of possibility, and the courage to make things happen”.

The DBS Sparks collection was specially commissioned to mark DBS’ 50th anniversary and is not available for sale. It is also one of several anniversary initiatives to be rolled in view of the anniversary, another being bank proposing a special dividend of 50 cents a share. View the collection here:

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This is not the first initiative DBS has undertaken to showcase its “Spark”, a more recent initiative being that of its mini-series Sparks, which follows a group of DBS bankers as they navigate the challenges and opportunities at work and in their personal lives. Sparks is inspired by real life stories and looks to demonstrate how DBS is driven by a strong sense of purpose and the commitment to always do the right thing by its customers. Since the launch of the mini-series, Sparks has garnered over 110 million views.