DBS brings back cute rabbits and 'mad' king for multiplier campaign

DBS has brought back its "multiplier" campaign featuring rabbits to promote an enhanced DBS Multiplier Account. Working with TSLA, the concept of the video was to represent the rabbits as consumers’ monthly salary which can multiply if one chooses to bank with DBS.  The campaign will run for approximately six months.

Set in the medieval times, the video tells the tale of a "mad" king who learns of the DBS Multiplier Account to grow his wealth as opposed to wrestling with a fire-breathing dragon for its treasure. The spot on YouTube has garnered over 390,000 views, at the time of writing.

In a statement to Marketing, TSLA said: “We take communicating this simple, powerful message of multiplying very seriously. So does our mad king, who clearly spends way too much time watching Game of Thrones, instead of caring for his riches."

Watch the video here:

Last year DBS launched the campaign featuring bunnies to promote the enhanced DBS Multiplier Account. Similarly then, in the video, rabbits were used to represent consumers’ monthly salary and the enhanced DBS Multiplier Account. The more transactions made via credit card spend, home loan instalments, insurance or investments, the more interests rates on consumers’ account balances will multiply. This is depicted by numerous rabbits popping up everywhere in the video.

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