Danone AQUA Water launches Instagram campaign

As part of the activation for #AdaAQUA’s most recent campaign, Danone AQUA Water has just launched an Instagram photo hunt.

The campaign was developed by VML Qais Indonesia. It aims to break through the Instagram platform’s brand clutter by creating a fun Instagram activation. Through the campaign, Danone AQUA Water aims to reinforce the fact that healthy water hydration stimulates focus and concentration.

The game takes participants on a scavenger hunt to help Toni Soehari, the character from its most recent YouTube story, find his way around the planet Mars. With the first clue starting on the AQUA main Instagram page, fans are taken through a scavenger hunt and must find a variety of objects to complete each challenge.

“Sehat AQUA’s Instagram account is leading the way in delivering good quality branded content to Instagram users in Indonesia. The launched of #AdaAQUA Instagram hunt is the breakthrough idea to differentiate the use of Instagram for brands. Through this activation we are able to deliver key message of focus and concentration by drinking AQUA,” Gistang Nababan, brand manager AQUA said.

Piotr Jakubowski, head of digital at VML Qais Indonesia, added “We are always striving to explore new ways of leveraging popular platforms, such as the CocaPina Bookmarklet game and keyword pre-roll ads, and this campaign is yet another example of innovation in action.”

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