Danone AQUA launches new branding campaign

Danone, world leader in the food industry has launched a new campaign for AQUA.

Together with its creative agency Y&R Group Indonesia, the campaign aims to inspire Indonesians by championing acts of everyday kindness. The campaign shows everyday heroes’ acts of kindness inspiring others to be ‘just like water’ in the purity and generosity of their deeds.

The TV component includes several television commercials (TVCs) – one features hidden camera footage of real people performing genuine acts of kindness such as returning a dropped wallet, offering their seat to a pregnant lady and helping to carry heavy groceries up stairs. Other TVCs, and outdoor billboards, focus on local heroes from different areas who are doing good for their community

Watch the video here:


Drawing from long-term tagline ‘Kebaikan Hidup’ (‘The Goodness of Life’ in Bahasa Indonesia), AQUA’s major new brand campaign focuses on real people who are ‘Bagaikan Air’ (‘just like water’) in that their actions embody water’s symbolic qualities including purity, generosity and transparency.

Febby Intan, AQUA brand director, said, “Y&R’s strategic insights showed us the properties that the people of Indonesia associate with water – pure, generous, calm, formless, timeless and transparent. By showcasing these traits in real everyday people, we feel this major new brand campaign will inspire Indonesians to be just like water and celebrate the goodness of life with AQUA.”