Daniel Chong joins Convoy as CEO

Convoy Financial Holdings limited has appointed Daniel Chong (莊偉忠), the former chief executive officer of department store chain YATA, as chief executive officer.

Chong, an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in branding businesses, has worked at banks including Chase Bank and Hang Seng Bank, and left the industry to co-found a loan company, Prime Credit.

He is best known to the public as YATA's chief where he led the department a radical overhaul in management, reducing weekly meetings and reviews for his staff. He left the Sun Hung Kai Properties-owned department store in May.

Chong said he has received a lot of job invitations since his retirement, but was especially fond of Convoy's chairman Quincy Wong Lee-man, so has agreed to the offer. They met about a month ago when Chong was giving a talk at Convoy.

"We have more in common than business management style as we hold also similar political views," he said, "Our collaborations will spark up chemistry."

Wong also praised Chong for his unique management style and success in branding businesses in various sectors, including finance, retail, and gambling.

In his new role, Chong will manage all of Convoy's departments, including its branches of asset management, property consultancy, lending and independent wealth advisory.