Dan Balmer takes on global marketing role for Aston Martin

Dan Balmer, former general manager of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Asia Pacific, has been appointed general manager, global marketing at Aston Martin Lagonda, relocating to its headquarters in England.

Balmer is replacing Markus Kramer, who is now partner at Brand Affairs AG.

In his new role, Balmer will lead the global marketing team to deliver full marketing remit. This covers conventional marketing communications creative, an impressive digital output, CRM and a global events team.

“Aston Martin has a very welcoming culture with a cult like following that other brands seek to achieve at a far greater spend level. The company has just announced its largest ever investment in future products, it’s very exciting to be a decision maker at this pivotal time,” Balmer told Marketing.

He said one challenge would be the question of opportunities.

“We have a very strong brand with a loyal following and customer base who are also fans. Everyone I have spoken to about my new role just gushes about this brand – it’s great to hear. But that won’t grow your revenue alone, our market is extremely product centric, we’ve just updated our Ultimate GT, Vanquish and our four door sports car, Rapide S, with various technical improvements that mean both cars do over 200mph.

“This is just the start, we are investing heavily in new product, so my job is to ensure fantastic and bold launches to attract new customers, while also working to the strengths of that customer loyalty,” he added.

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