Daikin's new ads change pace in air-con battle by going green

A competitive pricing or a "Made-in-Japan" label on an air-conditioner used to be an instant hit among consumers, but not anymore.

Kenneth Ho, senior manager, corporate planning development at Daikin air-conditioning (Hong Kong) ltd, said sustainability as a shopping priority is on the rise in Hong Kong.

"Consumers start to look for greener choices, for instance air-conditioners that have energy labels or better energy-saving abilities," Ho explained. "Those from the other regions are faster in picking up the trend, but sales show that Hong Kong consumers are becoming more sensitive towards eco-friendly products."

To meet the growing consumer demand and to establish their green credentials, Daikin has recently made its biggest step forward in re-branding with a new TV-led campaign.

Dubbed "leading professionalism", the recently launched 60-second TVC positioned the brand as a leading global air conditioning innovator that carries the social responsibility of making the world a better place for the next generation. In the TVC, two samurai are battling it out until a little girl interrupts to irrigate flowers on the field. Daikin's general, who instantly halts his horse in an attempt not to hurt the girl, subsequently impresses his enemies with his virtue.

At the end of the TVC, the brand emphasises its first residential-use AC with the R-32 refrigerant, which is said to be an exclusive greener, more innovative technology offered by Daikin.

"Unlike other air-con brand which normally take a warm and family-oriented approach, we were determined to stand out from the crowd by projecting a new image," said Desmond So, CEO of Uth Creative Group, the creative agency in charge.

"The storyline is a metaphor of Daikin’s leadership role and determination in taking up the social responsibility of protecting the environment for next generation, as well as in technology innovation."

Daikin's Ho said the message will be distributed in an all-round ad push spanning television, online, and outdoor visuals.

"The TVC targets not only our competitors but also our end consumers," he said. "We want to emphasise our lead in taking greener actions to impress both sides."


Client: Daikin air-conditioning (Hong Kong) ltd.
Creative agency: Uth Creative Group Ltd.
Managing partner: Desmond So
Creative partner: Charles Wong
Senior art director: Tony Leung
Art director: Jonathan Kwan
Copywriter: Hayden Chan
Account director: Erica Chan
Account executive: Jaco Yeung