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Customers change, so should your customer data: Staying relevant through marketing campaigns

Customers change, so should your customer data: Staying relevant through marketing campaigns

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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, understanding and connecting with customers on a deeper level is paramount to success. Traditional approaches to data collection such as filling in application forms often fall short as they leave us with outdated and incomplete customer profiles. However, there is a powerful solution that can transform this situation and unlock untapped opportunities for your business—marketing campaigns.
Most businesses carry out marketing campaigns to promote products or services, but not many know how to fully harness the power of marketing campaigns. The truth is, they’re useful apparatus to gather valuable customer data, which fuel the accumulation of geographic, psychographic, and demographic insights.
There are numerous advantages in collecting customer data through marketing campaigns:

• Real-time insights: Marketing campaigns allow businesses to gain immediate insights into customer behaviours and preferences, enabling them to refine customer segmentation strategies swiftly.
• Testing and optimisation: Marketing campaigns also provide an environment for testing and continuous improvement of segmentation strategies over time.
• Identification of new opportunities: By collecting and analysing customer data collected during campaigns, businesses can identify niche segments or emerging trends, then develop specialised products or services that address the new markets promptly to open new avenues for growth and expansion.
As a leader and pioneer in Hong Kong’s marketing technology industry, Cymballe has helped clients from various industries get the most out of their marketing campaigns by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, gamification elements and personalised content. These experiences didn’t only enable our clients to gather deep insights into customer preferences, behaviours and trends, but also captivated audience and increased customer bonding.

Here are a few examples:

Nan Fung Group “Green Explorer”

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The “Green Explorer” campaign is a sustainability initiative to raise awareness of environmental issues. Integrated with the app “NF Touch”, it includes a series of “Green Challenges” to encourage people to take action to reduce their environmental impact, while also giving client a glimpse of customer’s attitude towards eco-consciousness and sustainability issues. Every interaction with the app is saved on client’s customer database, which provides insights about their behaviours and preferences.

FWD MAX “Here we are for your health” with MIRROR

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Aiming to inject positivity towards the lives of city-wide fans of MIRROR and the public, and cheer the people we love throughout their journey on better health and well-being, the large-scale “Here we are for your health” campaign featuring Cantopop sensation MIRROR includes different games and tasks, including an AR fitness fun game; AR quiz game to find out customer’s knowledge level on healthy eating as well as a Special Fanchant Mission, which is a survey to learn more about customer’s lifestyle habit. Customers will be rewarded by complete missions and reaching higher game levels.

Lee Gardens “Little Monster e-Lab”

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A fun digital treasure hunt for children and families, the “Little Monster e-Lab” campaign utilises geolocation check-in missions for children to collect components to create their own monster, while allowing client to find out which shopping malls their customers frequent the most. Additionally, the theme of the campaign was changed quarterly. It was a great way for client to keep updating their customer database.
People go through different life stages and change as they age. What interested them 10 years old might not interest them now. Therefore, it’s crucial for businesses to keep in touch with their customers through marketing campaigns, so that they can keep optimising marketing strategies, unlocking new insights, and ultimately achieving remarkable business outcomes.
This article is sponsored by Cymballe.

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