Curious Kitchen takes cheeky jab at recent Malaysia Airlines #porknotpork debate

Malaysian restaurant Curious Kitchen has decided to jump on the #10YearChallenge hype and poke fun at the recent debate over its wagyu striploin dish, which was featured in Going Places, the inflight magazine of Malaysia Airlines (MAB). The dish caused a stir online when it was initially thought to have been a pork dish but MAB later clarified that it was actually a cut of wagyu beef and squid.

In an Instagram post, Curious Kitchen uploaded two pictures of its wagyu striploin dish beside each other. One was labelled “2009” and the other “2019”, with the only difference being the picture’s saturation. Taking a jab at those who could not tell the difference, a statement at the bottom of the picture read “”Haven’t cracked it? It’s still BEEF lahhh…”

In a statement to A+M, Curious Kitchen’s director Andrew Lai said it saw an opportunity to ride the wave of the 10-year challenge and use it to bring some light-hearted humour to the #porknotpork debate.

“I think the Malaysia Airlines incident galvanised us to take affirmative action to the defense of the defenseless wagyu,” Lai said, adding cheekily that wagyu beef was beef 10 years ago and still is today – although it seemed to have gone through a slight identity crisis recently. The post was done in collaboration with Singapore-based creative agency The Teeth.

Lai, however, said that Curious Kitchen tweaks its menu every quarter and as such, has retired its wagyu striploin dish to make way for its wagyu beef ribs. To promote its wagyu beef ribs, the restaurant is offering diners 50% off its new dish until 3 February.

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