CTE reshuffles senior management in sales and marketing

Celestial Tiger Entertainment (CTE) is shaking up its sales and marketing team with the appointment of Annie Lim as executive director, affiliate sales.

As part of the restructure, Andy Chang (pictured) has been promoted to senior vice president of advertising sales, marketing and original productions, while Annie Chan has been promoted to executive director, affiliate sales.

Lim brings extensive regional distribution and sales experience to CTE from her prior roles with NBCUniversal International Networks and IMG Media. At CTE, Lim will drive the distribution of the company’s expanding portfolio of branded linear and non-linear Asian entertainment services, including the recently launched Miao Mi, an Asian preschool kids channel, KIX 360 and Thrill 360 linear over-the-top (OTT) services, as well as Celestial Movies, cHK, Celestial Classic Movies, KIX HD and Thrill.

In addition to overseeing corporate communications, trade, affiliate and consumer marketing for CTE, Chang will now be responsible for driving advertising sales for CTE channels across the region and assembling sponsored original productions.

Chang joined Celestial Pictures in 2010, prior to the formation of CTE, from Sony Pictures Entertainment. Under Chang's leadership, CTE’s channels have grown in brand awareness and ratings. Chang was also responsible for the PromaxBDA launch campaign of cHK, CTE’s Hong Kong entertainment channel.

In addition, Chang created CTE’s first sponsored original production for its channel KIX called “R U Tough Enough?”

Chan is promoted to Executive Director, Affiliate Sales and will continue to drive channel distribution and oversee affiliate relations with platform partners in Asia Pacific. Chan played a key role in the launch of Miao Mi. She was also responsible for the tremendous growth of CTE’s channels in Indonesia.

Prior to CTE, Chan was the director of business development at Celestial Pictures, where she managed corporate finance and business development since her start at the company in 2004.

“Recognizing the need of today’s advertisers and brands for more integrated campaigns spanning on-air, off-air and online, we are now aligning advertising sales, marketing, and original productions under the leadership of Andy Chang," said Todd Miller, CEO of Celestial Tiger Entertainment.

"I am confident Andy will build on the momentum of our ad sales business and continue the growth trajectory. With Annie Chan, we are now placing more territories under her care in recognition of the terrific job she has done since transitioning from business development, and also on the launch of Miao Mi.

He added: "Annie Lim's experience, performance, salesmanship and overall effervescent personality make her an ideal and very valuable addition to our team, especially as we continue to develop and roll out localized and relevant Asian entertainment services."