Coconuts Hong Kong Crystal Wilde Managing Editor

Crystal Wilde joins Coconuts Hong Kong as managing editor

Crystal Wilde has been appointed Coconuts Hong Kong’s managing editor.

She will oversee editorial content for the online publication’s Hong Kong website and manage one full-time editor, interns and four freelancers.

Wilde had previously worked as online media site Localiiz’s digital content editor for a year and a half.

“I wasn’t looking for a job but I was head-hunted for the role.  It was very flattering.  I had been following Coconuts ever since I lived in Thailand and I liked their style.  It’s a big company that is always looking to expand,” she said.

For her, the move is a step back towards traditional journalism, which is oriented towards hard news.

“Coconuts has more of a focus on hard news.  Localiiz is a hybrid – it is an online marketing platform that also has editorial content and we did a lot of advertorial writing.  At Coconuts, the editorial team doesn’t have to think about advertisers,” Wilde said.

“It’s a step back towards pure journalism as opposed to the public relations and marketing type of journalism.”

She hopes that once the Hong Kong office becomes more established, Coconuts Hong Kong will be able to hire more staff members to gather hard news rather than sourcing them from large news organisations.

Her vision for the future of Coconuts Hong Kong is to maintain a breadth of editorial coverage and not to obsess over clicks and page views.

Wilde said, “I want to make sure we don’t become too niche.  We need to cover as big a range as possible, including hard news, features, reviews and guides.”

“While we will create viral content, it is our responsibility to cover important and hard news even if it’s not going to bring lots of traffic or go viral.”

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