Crown partners brands to create SG50 cans

Packaging manufacturer Crown has partnered with international and local brands to launch metal packaging as a platform to celebrate Singapore’s golden jubilee.

Beverage cans remain one of the sustainable marketing tools for consumer packaged goods companies, effectively delivering consistent messaging while also raising brand awareness among consumers. Specialty cans provide with enhanced visual properties making them a powerful tool to attract consumers’ attention and interest, and drive greater purchases.

For example, Heineken Asia Pacific partnered with Crown Asia Pacific to release a new, limited edition design that celebrates both SG50 and also Tiger Beer’s own 50th anniversary of packaging the popular beverage in metal cans. Inspired by the original Tiger beer can from 1965, the new cans replicate the vintage design, which is closely associated to Singapore’s national identity.

In April, Coca-Cola Singapore released a series of limited-edition bottles and cans featuring commonly-used local phrases and expressions, such as ‘Auntie’, ‘Hubby’ ‘Relak Lah’ and ‘Gam Siah’. Produced in collaboration with Crown, the cans serve as a means for consumers to celebrate the bonds that weave Singapore together as a nation.

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“Specialty beverage cans are an effective tool for enhancing the interaction between brands and consumers by connecting them with a common factor – in this case the SG50 celebrations,” Jozef Salaerts, president of CROWN Asia Pacific.

“Crown is extremely pleased to leverage our ability to deliver special decoration techniques and innovations to help brands create a memorable connection with consumers on this special occasion," he said.