Crowdsourcing service ReFUEL4 recognised as Facebook Marketing Partner

Crowdsourcing service ReFUEL4 has been recognised as Facebook Marketing Partner.

Launched in July 2014, with over 10,000 designers registered, the ReFUEL4 platform specialises in crowdsourcing creatives for Facebook ads.

Banking on fact that response to online ads degrades rapidly over time as consumers get accustomed to the design, ReFUEL4 specialises in creative refreshes every few days for campaign performance.

Creative teams within agencies are not able to scale to address the needs of digital marketing. ReFUEL4 was developed to address this business gap, said the agency.

Owned by Allied Architects Inc, ReFUEL4 has been recognised as a partner by Facebook.

Requirements for the programme include meeting standards such as proving best-in-class service in the specialty;  operating proprietary technology; providing a technology that enables marketers to create, discover or curate content at a large scale; providing insights with metrics allowing marketers to understand the performance of content with relation to business objectives and more.

"We are excited to be badged as a Facebook Marketing Partner with the Content Marketing specialty, and given Facebook's high standards, we are grateful to make the cut," said Masahide Nakamura, CEO, Allied Architects Inc.

ReFUEL4's operations are headquartered in Singapore, under Allied Asia Pacific’s unit.In addition, Allied will build a network of sales and support offices in Sydney, Shanghai, San Francisco, New York and London by Q4 2015. Continued investment in development will be met by the teams in Tokyo and Hanoi, said Nakamura.

(Pictured) ReFUEL4 management (from left): Vernon Vasu, Earl Allan, Kazuhiro Takiguchi, Nick Gibbons.