CRM meets social in YOHO MALL

There is probably no day where we don’t hear about the great power and promise of data, and with marketing, one of the best manifestation of it is its application in customer relationship management and marketing – the science and art of knowing when and what to sell to whom.

YOHO MALL, part of Sun Hung Kai Properties, with local digital agency X Social as their partner, is joining in the data game. Traditionally, shopping mall operators are the “hardware” providers, but the real relationship is between tenants and their end customers, YOHO MALL joins the tango with a win-win-win situation in mind.

When X Social designed the programme, it envisioned with the client a social CRM programme that would bring together important first party data, such as patron’s purchase history, and combine it with social data from a social media platform, and WeChat was the collective choice for its popularity amongst local residents and visitors from Mainland China. The vision with this combo is that the YOHO MALL team can understand and leverage both their patron’s spending and social behavior to build new an army of brand ambassadors, and attract a wider audience base with a much more targeted and resource-efficient approach.

Instead of mobilizing on a core segment, YOHO MALL can also find more of those. The data collected allows them to seek lookalike audiences based on purchase and social behavior, and inform other marketing activities such as programmatic advertising.

With all these in mind, it is no wonder to see the CRM programme run on the popular WeChat platform, with a first-in-Hong-Kong feature allowing patrons to scan and upload their own spend history for points redemption, plus strong integration of WeChat features such as the camera for a QR code hunt and contact list access for member-get-member programmes.

Another aspect that is admittedly less glamorous, but potentially more important, is that X Social engineers built the system in a way so that the programme is modularised and designed to be managed by the client. This gives YOHO MALL the maximum flexibility to act on the data they gathered and run promotions to drive traffic to particular tenants, impact spending on certain categories, or as simple as leveraging the QR code hunt to direct traffic within the facility.

The programme that X Social built for YOHO MALL allowed them to re-engage with both patrons and tenants. It put the data, and the various means to make use of it into the hands of the team, so they can impact business in ways that they saw fit, resulting in tighter relationships and a more vibrant venue, where the mall operator is more active, tenants enjoy extra traffic as driven by programme activities, and patrons enjoying the convenience and benefits of a loyalty programme – while game-changer is an overused term, X Social delivered on YOHO MALL’s task.

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