Creative Catch-Up: Lunch Communications' Joseph Lee

Recently launched in Malaysia on March 2014, Hakuhodo Group’s Lunch Communications is led by  Hakuhodo Asia Pacific managing director Masato Saito and Hakuhodo Asia Pacific’s regional management team. On a local level, the business is driven by Margaret Chew who is head of account management and creative director Joseph Lee.

Advertising + Marketing sat down with Lee to see what it takes to make it big in the Malaysia market.

How did you stumble into this industry?

I hated exams since young and I never liked following theories. Advertising is an industry that never has rules and so here I am.

How do you get inspired when you aren’t?

I talk to my wife and hope to get some gossip to kick-start the process. (Hey, that’s insight!)

What’s the most frustrating thing about being a creative?

The answer is on my T-shirt.


Proudest moment in your career?

When my team wins!



What is a mistake in your career you won’t forget?

I worked in a place in the past where politics was more important than work.

Name a mentor you look up to most:

Everyone! I learn from everybody and I’m still learning.


What is the harshest thing you have said to anyone at work (and do you regret it)?

Never done it. I don’t want to be a bad person to make others look good.

What’s the dream brand you’d like to work on and why?

An F&B account. So that I can work my presentation around food.




What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in your career?

I was bullied by a ‘Kancil’ driver and I didn’t run her over with my Jeep.

What makes the difference between an average creative and a mind-blowing one?

One that carries a name card and one that doesn’t. I don’t think the late Miss Yasmin Ahmad had one.

If you weren’t a creative what would you be?

A babysitter. I’m a good daddy.

How you wind down on the weekends?

The picture tells the story.