Creating a strong voice among the noise

In 2009, the SCMP group established its media-based agency SCMP marketing solutions (MS), in a bid to redefine its relationship with advertisers in the marketing industry.

“As an independent team work in synergy within the SCMP and collaboratively with advertisers, MS is like a special task force dedicated to reaching out to clients with ‘duo’ strengths - our marketing solutions and media strengths. Combining the strengths, we can turn a client’s campaign from noise to voice,” says Romanus Ng, general manager, advertising and marketing solutions, SCMP.

“When marketing experts act on a credible media platform, the product is SCMP's MS, an authority in marketing strategies,” says Ng in revealing the philosophy behind the evolution from ad space salesman to all-round marketer.

Powered by award-winning talents, its creative input and planning plus its flexible set-up allows it to cater to different scales and scopes of work. The MS team helps advertisers by developing a theme and spin it into effective marketing solutions - from branding and strategic planning, through creative solutions, event management to digital solutions and bespoke publishing.

Set up in one of Hong Kong’s most credible news agencies, MS media strength means any message presented on the SCMP platform will carry greater authority and be more trusted. It also means exposure to SCMP’s nearly 350,000 combined readership, characterised by more business elites, professionals, higher income earners and policy makers.

“The marketing landscape has gone through a huge shift,” says Ng. “Successful campaigns will have to integrate the most optimal mix of traditional and digital platforms, and make it shareable on social media.”

With the ability and agility to incorporate digital publications, interactive creative solutions and multimedia event experience with offline marketing strategies and tools, SCMP MS team provides effective and authoritative marketing solutions to help advertisers venture into uncharted territories.