WATCH One crazy way to promote supermarkets

Idea for NTUC Fairprice or Cold Storage here?

This supermarket chain Edeka in Germany has launched this crazy video to add a little funk to its brand.

Its MTV-style video Supergeil (that's pronounced super with a Z) has reached over 4 million hits.

The supermarket chain picked up a 58-year-old performance artist, Friedrich Liechtenstein, following him as he raps about Edeka’s ‘Supergeil’ (which means super cool) products.

Watch as he puffs on Edeka’s sausages like a cigar, and bathes in muesli and milk.

For those of you who don't understand German, fret not because the track running is catchy enough to make you hit repeat. This is one ad you can't miss, words can't do it justice.