Content Marketing: See how Spotify worked with OPPO and Levi’s

This was a sponsored post by Spotify under the Master Report series.

CASE STUDY: Oppo F3 in the Philippines

In May 2017, Oppo was keen to launch and promote the Oppo F3 smartphone in the Philippines. As a brand that is enjoyed by young people around the world, it is important for the brand to continue making an impact, even in the Philippines. Working with Spotify allowed Oppo to reach out to a wider group of audience at the right moment based on their listening habits.

Equipped with first-hand data, Spotify was able to guide Oppo to the playlist best suited for the campaign and when the various ad units should run. Oppo made the decision to sponsor "Top Hits Philippines" – a top Spotify playlist in the Philippines – for four weeks.

The campaign included audio and banner ads to promote the new Oppo F3 to listeners of the specifi c playlist, while driving traffic to the brand’s website featuring Oppo F3. To further maximise the opportunity, native audio and banner ads were also utilised to lead users to the sponsored playlist.

The playlist was able to reach out to users who were not only keen on purchasing a new smartphone, but to a group of tech-savvy listeners and to existing Oppo fans. At the end of the four weeks,  Oppo was able to see the positive impact the campaign had on the brand, specifically on the Oppo F3.

The campaign yielded great results with various banner ads, on both mobile and desktop, exceeding local benchmarks. The desktop banner ad was the highest performing ad unit for this campaign with a CTR more than double the local benchmark.

CASE STUDY: Levi’s Orange Tab in Malaysia

Levi’s reached out to Spotify as it wanted to leverage the music streaming platform to raise awareness of its Orange Tab Line in Malaysia. It needed a partner that would be able to reach out to the right target audience at the right time. It was all about making the moment count.

The mission

The Orange Tab Line was making a comeback and Levi’s needed a campaign that would help drive sales of the line. As a brand that sees itself as innovative and relevant to today’s and tomorrow’s consumers, the campaign had to be seen as cool and refreshing.

The Levi’s team looked to Spotify to bring this campaign to the next level.

The solution

In Malaysia, Spotify users spend on average 148 minutes per day on Spotify. Based on this nugget of information and other detailed internal streaming data, Spotify was able to guide Levi’s on what was the best approach to move forward with. To ensure it was maximising the opportunity, Levi’s went for a multi-channel approach targeting pop streamers in Malaysia.

By doing so, the brand was able to reach out via a wide range of moments that were relevant to Levi’s – from date night to getting ready to shower – each moment had an engaged set of listeners. The campaign included audio, video, display ads and sponsored sessions.

Levi’s was the first company to sponsor a Spotify playlist in Malaysia. By sponsoring “It’s A Hit Malaysia” playlist, Levi’s created its own branded content on the Spotify platform for a period of two weeks, giving it the edge that listeners were able to relate to. While the series of display banners both on mobile and desktop drove traffic to the Levi’s landing page specific to the Orange Tab Line campaign.

The results

At the end of the two weeks, Levi’s was able to see the positive impact the campaign had on the brand, specifi cally on the Orange Tab Line. Overall, the Levi’s Orange Tab campaign performed exceptionally well with a high average CTR, which was two times above regional benchmarks. The sponsored sessions segment performed the best in class with the highest CTR.

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