Consumers gravitate towards integrated campaigns

On par with digital, the word ‘integration’ has also been buzzing in marketing conversations.

To no surprise, mall operators have started to devise integrated engagement plans in order to compete in Malaysia’s thriving retail industry.

According to survey, Malaysia ranks fourth on the list of top global shopping destination. Despite the 2015 GST implementation, investors continue to build new shopping complexes and brand retailers expand from one outlet to multiple.

The competition to draw in consumers has stiffened to the point where marketers of internationally renowned retail properties have to innovate.

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Fartini Zaharuddin, public relations and communications manager of Suria KLCC, said: “We realised that in this age of connectivity, shoppers love to share their experiences – what they eat, where they are and what they bought. We decided to leverage on this phenomenon and use the power of social media to engage and reach out to a broader spectrum of consumers.”

The prolific mall, Suria KLCC, has launched combined digital and on-ground activation activities with traditional marketing initiatives.

“By complementing our traditional marketing and promotional activities with online initiatives, we’ve built a successful integrated engagement campaign that enabled us to interact with our shoppers at different levels according to their respective preferences,” said Zaharuddin.

She adds that it’s no longer viable for malls to just focus on in-mall promotions.

“We have to be pro-active in bringing our mall and activities outside so as to draw consumers inside.”

Malaysian consumers are digitally savvy. According to a survey released by Groupon last year studying 12 consumer markets within the APAC region, Malaysian consumers tallied in as the highest scorers to purchase gifts via mobile devices.

The days of window shopping have left the building and been replaced by finger swipes on responsive e-commerce sites.

The integrated campaign launched by Suria KLCC concluded at the end of the holiday season late last year. For the duration of the campaign, the mall invited shoppers to take memorable pictures with themed props set up at the mall’s centre court and upload onto their personal social medi – Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – via hashtag.

As a result, Suria KLCC drove in a 50% increase in online engagement with its social channels up by 80%.

Karu Khoo, managing director of Creative Unicorn, the agency responsible for the programme, said, “We far exceeded our targets for the campaign. We hope more retailers will be as forward looking as Suria KLCC in adopting such an approach.”

Vivian Chong
Advertising+Marketing Magazine Malaysia

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