Connexus Travel rolls out agent booking portal

Connexus Travel has launched a new booking platform catered to service-focused travel agencies in Greater China.

The platform Travel Connexion is a travel management platform that integrates travel-related resources with sales inventory. It also enables travel agents and individual travel advisors to use the point-and-click interface to shop and book tickets, complete reissues, refunds and revalidation functions including adding on seats, bags, and other auxiliaries.

Coupled with a profile management system, the platform allows a speedy and automated booking process to generate more sales opportunities for travel agencies.

"Travel Connexion offers a simple agency desktop with full automation to address the needs of travel agents and individual travel advisors, allowing agencies to embark on this digital transformation journey by just signing up to the platform," said Gloria Slethaug, CEO of Connexus Travel.

Built as a multi-source platform, Travel Connexion’s next phrase is to offer a wider array of content including air, hotel, cruise, tour, and limousine services.