comScore Launches Mobile Metrix® in Philippines

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) today announced the launch of Mobile Metrix® in the Philippines for the reporting of mobile web and app audiences on smartphones and tablets. Mobile Metrix allows publishers to demonstrate the size and value of their mobile audiences, and helps media planners and advertisers to evaluate advertising opportunities on mobile devices. In addition to the Philippines, Mobile Metrix is available in the following Southeast Asian markets: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand.

“With increasing digital media activity occurring on smartphones and tablets in the Philippines, it is crucial to measure and understand the consumption and behaviour of mobile audiences,” said Kerry J Brown, comScore Vice President, Southeast Asia. “The launch of Mobile Metrix has important implications for the digital industry. It provides critical information for publishers who want to more effectively serve digital content across their different channels and make better informed decisions on the evolution of their mobile offerings. At the same time, it offers intelligence for media agencies and advertisers who want to develop robust digital strategies and better understand the competitive landscape.”

“Given mobile is driving the growth of Internet penetration, a mobile first strategy is imperative for brands to reach and engage their customers,” said Leah Besa-Jimenez, CEO, Starcom MediaVest Group Philippines. “comScore Mobile Metrix brings valuable and trusted third-party measurement to this exciting space, delivering granular insights into how consumers are accessing mobile content, including across mobile websites, apps, devices and operating systems. This information is essential in helping media agencies develop more effective mobile strategies and campaigns for brands.”

Mobile Metrix in the Philippines leverages comScore census-based methodology that enables in-market mobile measurement without the need for a traditional mobile panel. The output delivers person-centric measurement for tagged entities. Publishers looking to understand and monetise their mobile audiences can improve their measurement by ensuring complete implementation of tagging for all pages and apps. Only tagged entities can be featured in the comScore rankings due to this census-only approach.

Top 20 Web Properties Visited from Mobile Devices in Philippines
In the December 2015 ranking of the top 20 mobile web properties, ABS-CBN Digital Media held the top position, reaching 3.6 million unique visitors on smartphones, followed by GMA Network Sites with 2.3 million visitors and Yahoo Sites with 2.1 million visitors. Amongst the top 20, ABS-CBN Digital Media, GMA Network Sites and Yahoo Sites had the most visitors from tablet devices.

Top 20 Tagged* Web Properties from Mobile Devices in Philippines
December 2015
Total Philippines – Age 18+, All Smartphones, iPhone, Android Phone, All Tablets, Browser Access only
Source: comScore Mobile Metrix
Property All Smartphones – Unique Visitors (000) iPhone (% Smartphone Unique Visitors) Android Phone (%  Smartphone Unique Visitors All Tablets – Unique Visitors (000)
ABS-CBN Digital Media 3,616 29.4% 70.6% 601
GMA Network Sites 2,312 29.5% 70.5% 501
Yahoo Sites 2,055 29.0% 71.0% 459
Summit Publishing Co. Inc. 1,721 42.7% 57.3% 254
BUZZFEED.COM 1,440 72.0% 28.0% 101
CBS Interactive 1,405 32.0% 68.0% 255
Turner Digital 1,135 59.8% 40.2% 141
WHENINMANILA.COM 1,053 39.5% 60.5% 121
AOL, Inc. 1,049 40.8% 59.2% 189
Hearst 1,035 41.5% 58.5% 142
Mode Media 983 28.4% 71.6% 170
Complex 977 34.2% 65.8% 139
LIKES.COM 949 25.1% 74.9% 111
Time Inc. Network (U.S) 941 42.7% 57.3% 135
Conde Nast Digital 941 68.8% 31.2% 83
DIPLY.COM 791 31.7% 68.3% 118
Viacom Digital 788 53.4% 46.6% 78
Mail Online / Daily Mail 786 47.8% 52.2% 104 Sites 768 23.6% 76.4% 100
Vice 764 72.6% 27.4% 23

*Mobile Metrix in the Philippines uses comScore census-based methodology that reports on only tagged entities. Properties which only tag some of their assets (e.g. website but not app) or partially tag (e.g. homepage only) will only be measured on those tagged assets, which will have an impact on the total reported metrics of their entity.

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