Commercial Radio Malaysia names new president

Commercial Radio Malaysia (CRM) has appointed general manager of Husa Network, Ozarizan Mohd Nor, as its new president. He is succeeding general manager of Star Media Radio Erin Hwang, who announced her departure from CRM. CRM also elected Charles Peters of BFM as vice president.

Other CRM office bearers are Alex Poon of Kool FM who succeeds Puan Kartini Kamalul Ariffin of IM4U FM as secretary and Bala Murali Subramaney  of Capital FM as Treasurer.

As part of its engagement initiatives for 2018/2019, CRM will continue its plans to hold a B2B conference, a session advocating the importance of radio in business of building brands and Planet Radio, a dedicated session for educating prospective students from institutions of higher learning about the many careers in the Radio industry.

“We are living in an interesting time. CRM together with the whole broadcasting industry is currently undergoing an unprecedented change. The most important thing now is for us to continue being relevant and stronger than before. CRM will continue¬†to address the most important issues and opportunities impacting radio today and tomorrow,” said Ozarizan.


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