Why colours define a brand's logo

Seeing green for StarHub or Purple for a bar of Cadbury’s chocolate has become second nature to us. Imagine if this was no longer the case.  What would the logos look like?


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Brazilian graphic designer Paula Rupolo decided to experiment with that idea, swapping the color schemes of brands’ logos.

“Colors are the first thing you notice in a logo, what gets fastest to our brains," she said in an interview with Fast CompanyYou only read the typography, words, shapes and icons afterwards, she claims.

Rupolo added that these brands are famous and basically own these colours that they are associated with.

“When you switch to a competitor’s colors, your brain notices there's something that doesn’t fit, that makes you go, 'What's going on here?' and that's interesting and a bit curious,” she added.

Take a look at these brands that have had their colours swapped.

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(Check out her blog at : http://www.paularupolo.com/projects/ )