Coca-Cola celebrates its 100 year old bottles

Coca-Cola has launched a fresh global campaign to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its iconic green bottles. This campaign will run under its "Open Happiness" platform and across 100 countries globally.

Currently Coca-Cola ads are already running on its social media platforms. These ads were first posted on Coca-Cola Journey Site as well as its YouTube channel.

Speaking at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York conference last week, CEO Muhtar Kent said that the brand will leverage on this 100 year mark to “make the most of this enduring symbol of refreshment and happiness across the world.”

Kent explained that the ads for the campaign focus on the "beautiful design innovation and sensory aesthetics" which are all elements that will drive the Coca-cola business and brands forward. He added that overall, these ads have tested well in demonstrating the brand’s commitment to improving the quality of its advertising and marketing.

Take a look at the campaign:




During the conference, Kent also placed importance on having the right distribution channels going forward.

“When it comes to great execution, if marketing is the engine of all we do our unparalleled distribution system is the chassis, but we recognise that these are very different things. That is why we are so focused getting back to our core capabilities of marketing innovation and franchise leadership,” said Kent.

He added that in APAC, Indonesia is a big focus for the brand as it is “extremely attractive, young, emerging market” and the fourth most populated nation in the world, Indonesia represents boundless opportunities. The total market has more than tripled in the past decade which was aided by a rapidly emerging middle class. This middle class is expected to double by 2020. Kent believes this will continue to fuel that growth that the brand has seen in the past decade.