Citrine One founder Ivlynn Yap heads to PIDM

Founder of Citrine One Group, Ivlynn Yap, has joined Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM) as GM of communications and public affairs division, reporting to COO and general counsel Lim Yam Poh. Yap (pictured) manages a team of 12 and is responsible for PIDM's overall crisis communications preparedness strategy and public outreach campaigns. According to her, PIDM has already achieved good awareness levels year-on-year, so the next step is to enhance the public's understanding and trust in PIDM. "To achieve this, I am looking into how we can better engage our stakeholders and develop compelling stories through our media engagements," she told A+M.

Her new team is divided into two main areas: corporate affairs and public awareness. Employees under the corporate affairs team manage crisis communications preparedness and media engagement. As for public awareness, the team oversees advertising, social media, events, CSR, and PIDM's call centre. All members are also involved in developing content and are supported by PIDM's in-house graphics designer.

"I saw an opportunity to contribute and I took it. In particular, my contributions will be mainly focused on two specific key result areas for PIDM. They are crisis communications preparedness, and to increase awareness, trust and confidence in PIDM as the government authority among our public and other stakeholders," she said.

Yap added that her vision is to guide PIDM's communications and public affairs division to be strategic and tactically skilful in addressing potential crisis communications situations that would have an impact on the public and other stakeholders. "I would also like to see us delivering more impactful communication messages to the public," she said.

When asked about her role at Citrine One now that she is with PIDM, Yap explained to A+M that it will not make much difference to the latter. The reason being, Citrine One Malaysia's MD Cynthia Lee and Citrine One Global's managing partner Junaidi Asmara Rosly have taken on more responsibility.

Lee was appointed to her role last October to oversee business development, marketing, client servicing and day-to-day operations of the local agency. Meanwhile, Junaidi was brought on board to lead Citrine One Global last year.

"I will still own it but will not be involved in the day-to-day operations," Yap said. Meanwhile, A+M understands that Citrine One will also not be able to take on any member institutions of PIDM as clients, and this means no banks or insurance companies. Despite her new role at PIDM, Yap said the Citrine One team is not losing sight of its existing accounts. It recently bagged PR duties for WCT Holdings and the group-wide appointment comprises duties for seven other business entities under its wing.

citrine one team

According to Yap, she has had the privilege of working with clients from multiple industries at Citrine One, and the experience has also equipped her with skills such as "navigating the truth from the clouded fakes" and the ability to bridge clients’ desired communications outcome with the public’s and media’s needs. "What I hope to bring is the different perspectives that I have built over the years to my new role in PIDM and to make it a brand that is relevant and relatable for the public," she added.

For this year, Yap's team has set out a plan to elevate PIDM's brand trust and confidence. It will continue to have programmes to increase the public's comprehension of PIDM's functional role as part of the nation's financial safety net. It will be increasing engagements with them to build trust and confidence in PIDM as a government authority.

At the same time, PIDM is also launching a financial resilience campaign in October aimed at encouraging the public to spend wisely, practice sound financial management in their daily lives, and ultimately more resilient in situations of financial shocks or emergencies.

Kicking off this campaign was the roll-out of financial literacy videos in April featuring Chief BerUang, a sun bear icon. This will be accompanied by other activities in the lead up to the campaign. Additionally, PIDM is also working on collaborations with other partners in the financial education network, related associates, and member institutions.

PIDM also has an ongoing collaboration with the United Nations Capital Development Fund to improve the financial resilience of gig workers on the Goget platform and aims to expand this to a wider community of gig workers. Meanwhile, it is also working closely with the Malaysian Association for the Blind to develop financial literacy module for the blind community and with Persatuan Pesara Kerajaan Sabah for retirees.

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