Citi launches programme for staff to keep up with digital economy

In a bid to promote professional growth in a financial landscape transformed by technology, Citibank has launched a 12 months Professional Conversion Programme (PCP).

To keep up with the digital economy, an estimated 400 staff from the Consumer Banking and Operations and Technology divisions, ranging from front office roles to operations, will begin training. Topics covered range from  customer journey mapping, design thinking, automation and cyber-security.

These skill enhancements will be conducted through workshops, classroom learning and on-the-job training. The complete training period is expected to be between three to 12 months.

According to the bank, upon obtaining the necessary knowledge and competency, "staff will be ready to take on new or enhanced roles within Citi", conforming to the digital advancements. The launch comes in tandem with the bank’s ongoing efforts in raising the overall expertise of its staff. It is one of several training initiatives to re-skill 2000 staff over the next three years.

Previously, Citi launched a training assigned by Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore (IBF) in core consumer banking skills, becoming the first bank to do so. This training aims to instill multifunctional and future compatible skills.

“With digital transformation reshaping every aspect of the banking sector, it is imperative that we take steps to prepare our staff to face changes with confidence," Amol Gupte, ASEAN head and Citi country officer, Singapore, said.