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Cisco, TNB and Pemandu take action against employees insulting Agong

Cisco has dismissed one of its employees who was accused of making insulting remarks against Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan, who recently abdicated as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. In a Facebook post, Cisco said the employee has issued an apology and “is no longer with the company”. The insulting posts by the employee have since been deleted, a check by A+M revealed.

It added that it “firmly believes” in respecting and honoring local Malaysian traditions and laws. “The remark was made by the employee in his personal capacity and does not represent Cisco’s views. We deeply regret any distress caused and apologise,” the post added without naming the employee.

In this day and age employees are often seen as brand ambassadors and representatives of companies. As such, brands are now held more accountable for the behaviours of the staff. While the move to dismiss the employee did not come as a surprise, netizens, however, took to Cisco’s Facebook to criticise the company for its poor handling of the situation, calling for Cisco to show proof that it has indeed fired the said employee.

Cisco is not the company to have taken action against its employee. Tenaga Nasional (TNB) and consultancy firm Pemandu Associates have also suspended employees for their remarks against the monarchy.

TNB acknowledged in a Facebook post that it received complaints on statements made by one of its employees on social media on the monarch and apologised for the incident. The employee has been suspended while investigations are currently ongoing. TNB also clarified that the statement reflects the views of the employee and is in conflict with the principles of TNB.

Meanwhile, Pemandu Associates said on Facebook that it is conducting an internal inquiry into a tweet allegedly posted by its employee in reference to royalty.

Enraged netizens have called for the employees to be fired instead, with some threatening to boycott the company if no action is taken. A+M has reached out to Cisco, TNB and Pemandu Associates for comment. Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan resigned last week after weeks of speculation about his future. Following his resignation, he will return to Kelantan to safeguard and develop the state.

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