Society shouldn't just focus on the positives of the year, says Circles.Life in latest campaign

Telco company Circles.Life has unveiled a new plan as part of its National Day celebration, aimed at resetting 2020 with 300GB to prepare users for whatever comes next. Advertised through its Facebook post, the ad aims to empathise with consumers' mood on the year, and showcases the telco's efforts to turn things around through a video titled “Reset 2020”.

The latest plan claims to provide “data to survive anything”, with a permanent 4G rollover as well as zero restrictions on daily speed. It packages itself as a bundle of opportunities, providing online self-improvement, rest and relaxation and a Kampong spirit.

In a statement to Marketing, a spokesperson from Circles.Life added that the objective for the ad is to show that 2020 has clearly taken a toll on the world. As such, Circles.Life wants to approach 2020 with a growth mindset by making National Day a hard reset for Singapore. Circles.Life hopes to use National Day as a turning point and reminding customers that while 2020 is a challenging moment for Singapore (with COVID-19 and Dengue), the nation has to stay united and face it with a growth mindset.

“This is our way of being present with the hard things, but turning them into fuel for the future. Circles.Life believes in the power that data has in our lives. We want our customers to realise their full potential and make 2020 your best year yet,” the spokesperson added.

 “We're all about empowering customers through our data, and that's why we're offering bigger data plans that allows consumers to embrace the new normal and move on with their life as a lot of things can still be done virtually with the help of data: online self-improvement, entertainment and staying connected with the community,” the statement read.

Moreover, Circles.Life wanted to take a different route saying that society shouldn't just focus on the positives of the year and acknowledge that there are things that happen beyond our control.

Circles.Life doesn't just want to be a brand that sticks with you during the good times, we're here for the long haul, both good and bad. 

Take a look at the full video here:

Circles.Life is not one to shy away from freely expressing its views on 2020. Very recently, it unveiled a sculpture of a middle finger, over a metre in height, that expressed exactly how it felt about 2020. Developed in collaboration with DO. Agency, this sculpture toured Sydney, Australia, a location picked because of the series of unfortunate events happening every other month, such as bushfires in January, COVID-19 announcements in February, and lockdowns that followed after.

Separately, as part of another cheeky campaign, Circles.Life set up stands around Singapore with QR codes disguised as Safe Entry checkpoints. This was part of its "Circles.Life Safe eSIM Entry" campaign, which promoted its new launch of its virtual eSIM.

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