Circles.Life rolls out gamified rewards platform for its app

Circles.Life has launched a gamified rewards platform named "Quests" within its app. Quests is aimed to increase engagement with the telco's users, and encourage them to try out new features within the platform.

With the new rewards platform, users can now "complete quests" and win rewards such as bill waivers and data bonuses. Circles.Life will also be introducing more rewards such as free-ons for unlimited talk-time by the end of the month. Some of the quests include getting users to use 10GB of data, and getting them to visit the "Shop Page" on the app on five separate days. There is also a mystery quest where the condition is a surprise. According to Circles.Life, the mystery quest is a way for it to generate community engagement, as users will need to solve a puzzle, with hints available on the telco's Instagram page.

In a statement to Marketing, a spokesperson from the telco said the concept of Quests stems from insights gained from its customers, where users were found to be looking for additional perks and benefits. The team acted on this feedback in a novel, gamified fashion and created Quests to give back to users who stay and engage with the Circles.Life ecosystem. The spokesperson added that the rewards system went through about three iterations, with the end-to-end development taking approximately one month.

At the moment, Circles.Life is creating buzz around Quests on its social media channels. This includes its Facebook and Instagram page. "Circles.Life has always been about giving power back to customers. Apart from being created based on customer feedback, Quests gives back to Circles.Life's most loyal users by empowering them to unlock benefits and have fun while they’re at it," the spokesperson said.

“Our customers are the best telco customers in Singapore. Why? Because they engage regularly with us to give us ideas to help create the telco of their dreams. Quests came from our robust customer feedback loops, as part of our mission to provide the best telco experience and give power back to customers,” said Jed Kwek, associate product manager at Circles.Life, added. 

This is not Circles.Life's first attempt at gamification. Earlier in September, it rolled out an interactive game on its website where participants can use clues on these pages to play the game and win prizes. This marketing initiative leveraged on the 9.9 hype and aimed to promote its new multi-SIM offer which includes its eSIMs, multi-SIM offer and data only plans. The telco said it wanted to give a twist to the shopping festival and take it a step further by relating it to comedic detective show Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

“It's also a fun way for us to get people aware of our 9.9 Closed Door Sale,” said a Circles.Life spokesperson in a conversation with Marketing. She added that through the campaign, it hopes to achieve a high level of engagement with the audience.

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