Circles.Life rolls out ‘how-to’ videos with unconventional experts


Circles.Life has launched a series of films featuring unlikely “experts” from both the younger and more senior segments of the population to show it is the “easiest telco ever”. The first spot features the friendly, grandparents-next-door, who ease through typically complex tasks (at other telcos) such as signing up for a plan or getting a new SIM in under two minutes.

Done in partnership with The Secret Little Agency, Circles.Life aims to bring the brand’s “easiest telco ever” positioning to life through “how-to” instructional videos, with tips and advice. The second spot features a kid named Kai, who is too young to read The Three Little Pigs but not too young to help customers to transfer numbers from their former telcos. 

“We are confident that Circles.Life has completely redefined the telco customer experience. What used to take a call, store visit, never-ending queues and endless paperwork, can be easily achieved in a few simple clicks by anyone - from your little cousin, to your grandparents,” said Megan Yulga, head of creative shop, Circles.Life.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for The Secret Little Agency said: “Under two minutes! That’s how easy it is to sign up with Circles.Life. We worked with the most surprising experts to bring this idea to life, demonstrating the people power so inherent in the Circles.Life brand.”

The telco appointed TSLA as its lead regional creative agency in January 2020. The appointment came shortly after a creative review in November 2019 that saw 50 agencies expressing interest, and led to a shortlist of 27 agencies. TSLA’s remit will run across-the-line, tapping specifically on the agency’s global creative strengths via Mother, and inter-disciplinary creative department. 

The young telco brand is known for its tongue-in-cheek stunts and audacious on-ground activities, and has over the years grown in prominence. Just recently, Circles.Life, which has long branded itself as a telco "for the people, by the people", created a new content blog. It encourages users to submit content pieces such as tech reviews, recommendations of shows, or questions they would like answered. In its first blog post, it is added that if users become regular contributors, Circles.Life may even start paying them for their content. 

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