CIMB tugs at heartstrings with Raya spot on gratitude and forgiveness

CIMB has launched its Hari Raya film titled “Seribu Erti Kesyukuran” (the true meaning of gratitude), to shine a spotlight on the act of forgiveness. It aims to make it a virtue of everyone, young and old.

Done in collaboration with Ogilvy Malaysia, the film depicts the journey of a family’s struggle where the mother is unable to keep her promises of providing her daughter with an education and new clothing, causing the daughter to be disappointed. Towards the end of the film, the daughter comes to understand and be grateful for her mother’s hard work and love. They seek each other’s forgiveness and together vow to always keep trying and hope for a better future together.

Beyond the film, CIMB is also holding a social media contest #ErtiKesyukuran on Instagram from now until 10 June. Malaysians can express their gratitude to someone special through social dedications on their Instagram profile with this hashtag, and 60 entries with the most compelling stories will be rewarded with grand prizes to be shared with the person for which they are grateful for.

This campaign marks the second festive campaign collaboration between CIMB and Ogilvy Malaysia following the Chinese New Year campaign earlier this year which told a story on the beauty of imperfections with “You-Sang, We-Sang”.

Mohamed Adam Wee Abdullah, CIMB group chief marketing officer of CIMB, said the film was inspired by real life stories, and its beautiful little moments are relatable to any parent or child. He added that the insight that age has nothing to do with forgiveness gave CIMB the push to explore the story of a mother and daughter.

“We believe that the future is always full of hope. Although the present may be a struggle at times, the flame of hope must always be kept alive for a better tomorrow. It takes strong bonds to help us see the many reasons we should be grateful,” said Kurt Novack, executive creative director at Ogilvy Malaysia.

Nizwani Shahar, co-chief executive at Ogilvy Malaysia, added: “We are proud to work with CIMB on its festive campaigns. For Hari Raya, we wanted to share a simple story of the true meaning of progress through gratitude and forgiveness. We hope to inspire all Malaysians to move forward with what we have achieved, no matter how big or small.”

Campaign credits:
ECD: Kurt Novack
Creative Director: Pashyn Sethna
Art Directors: Michele Wong, Sara Chong
Copywriters: Raina Rahman, Naomi Hon, Sheena Sidhu
Co-CEO: Nizwani Shahar
Account Management:  Melanie Mei, Denise Lee, Helena Siew
Head of CE & C: Tanner Nagib
Program Director: Julie Saw
AV: Eric Yan, Loo Seng Tuck
Film Director: Maurice Noone
Executive Producer: Patminder Singh
Director of Photography: Zainudin Mohamed
Producer: Heng Deshen
Audio Production: TwoAM
Post Production: APV

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