Cigna promotes flexible insurance scheme through new online campaign

Cigna has launched an online campaign to demonstrate the versatility of its DIY insurance scheme.

The campaign showcases Cigna's DIY Health Plan which offers customers flexibility with up to 128 variations, allowing them to personalise their protection. Mirroring the versatility of the scheme, Cigna has rolled out multiple versions of online videos and display ads, demonstrating how the scheme can meet young consumers' needs in health protection.

Throughout the marketing funnel, the campaign includes three sets of creative executions, encompassing a series of thematic videos, comic-style animations or illustrations, and scenario-based static images. Aimed at driving business leads while optimising the effort with three sets of creatives, the campaign's storytelling is different, but the brand image is consistent across the three paths.  

Jinnie Wong, head of marketing at Cigna Hong Kong, commented, "Unlike the 'one-size-fits-all' model of traditional medical insurance products, the Cigna DIY Health Plan allows customers to tailor their own health protection by choosing from seven benefits to customise the protection. At Cigna, we are simplifying health insurance plans, making it predictable and affordable for different segments."

Brand: Cigna Hong Kong
Head of marketing: Jinnie Wong
Branding and product marketing manager: Cary Kong
Digital Marketing assistant manager: Cherry Tong

Creative agency: Hungry Digital
Creative director: David Lo
Associate director, creative strategy: Charlie Tsang
Art director: Jimmy Jim
Copywriter: Rudi Leung

Video and photo production:
Video production: Honne Creates
Director: Frank Look
Producer: Gypsy Lam
DoP: Chan Siu Ming
Art director: Leeman
Post-production: The Farm
Music: Merry Lamb Lamb
Photographer: Leeman

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