Chuo Senko to set up shop in Philippines

Thai advertising agency Chuo Senko has expressed plans to expand into the Philippines this year.

Chuo Senko initially started operations in Japan during 1963 but later moved its headquarters to Thailand. The 51-year old agency is currently present in six countries, namely Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, India and Myanmar.

The venture is scheduled to be finalized by end  June. Chuo Senko have agency partners for some of its expansion efforts in the past but details on whether it will pursue the same strategy was not disclosed. Some of its past partners include Aegis Media, DDB Mudra and Carat.

Shuji Okawa (pictured), president and chief executive officer of Chuo Senko, said that they are currently adjusting their strategy in response to political unrest in its home country.

The agency’s total annual billing in 2013 was 1.5 billion baht, 4% higher year-on-year with 1.45 billion baht. Total gross income was pegged at 380 million baht, an 18% improvement from 2012, mainly owed to clients in Thailand (288 million baht)

"We aim to achieve the same level as last year in consolidated revenues. Due to the current political and economic situations, we expect difficulty in Thailand and hope other countries contribute profit this year," Okawa said as quoted by The Nation.

Chuo Sunko’s clients include Honda, Hitachi, Bangkok Tokyo departmental store, Thanachart Bank Public Company, Epson and Wan Thai Food Industry.