Chope next to take a swipe at Scoot's email glitch after Domino's

Following Domino's lead in taking a swipe at Scoot for its recent email glitch is restaurant-reservation booking platform Chope. In an email sent to its consumers, Chope promoted nine of its Chinese restaurant partners with the caption "Thought you were going to Guangzhou? Fret not, because we will bring Guangzhou to you!" Chope also told consumers to check out its top picks for Chinese restaurants around town - with no travel requirements necessary. 

Chope's cheeky references to Guangzhou and travel requirements are based on Scoot's email glitch earlier this week, which was meant for passengers booked on flight TR100 from Singapore to Guangzhou that was to depart on 20 August. The email, which informed the passengers about new travel requirements, was mistakenly sent to other customers who were not on the flight, causing an uproar online as travellers suspected there was a data breach. Scoot has since clarified that it was a human error, and there was no security breach. Marketing has reached out to Chope for additional information.

Chope's email came just days after Domino's took a swipe at Scoot. The pizza chain started promoting its SG$1 personal pizza online while poking fun of Scoot's recent email gaffe. The image posted by Domino's contained the airline's iconic yellow and black colours in the header and mimicked the erroneously-blasted email that Scoot recently sent out containing travel details for a particular flight to Guangzhou, China. Done in collaboration with Havas Group Singapore's Socialyse, Domino's image read: "Kindly note that there are no new requirements for all customers entering Domino’s stores. With effect from 26 August, 1030 hrs, Domino’s recommends all customers departing from their homes to any stores to redeem one personal pizza for SG$1. More information on the stores’ locations can be found here."

Trendjacking is not new to brands in Southeast Asia. Last month, Shopee Malaysia, Asian Food Network (AFN), and Domino's Malaysia also jumped on a viral video featuring a Malaysian comedian "Uncle Roger" criticising how a BBC Food host cooked rice. While Shopee took the chance to promote its sale of colanders, which the BBC host used to drain the rice (which was apparently an abomination), Domino's encouraged the public to just order its pizzas if they do not know how to cook rice. Additionally, AFN, which is well known for teaching consumers Asian recipes and cuisine, published a short guide to the do's and don'ts of cooking rice. In the guide on Facebook, AFN said: "Don't rinse your cooked rice in water, remove the lid while the rice is cooking. Do wash your uncooked rice and add the correct amount of water." 

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