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Chinese brand consultancy Labbrand debuts new office in Singapore

China-originated brand consultancy Labbrand has opened its Singapore office in a bid to strengthen its foothold in the Asia Pacific region. This follows its recent opening of its New York office in October.

With a current headcount of 10 in the Singapore office, the consultancy plans to open 10 to 15 more offices globally in the next decade, according to a spokesperson from the company.

Some clients the consultancy has worked with include Airbnb, Volkswagen, Marriott, LinkedIn, Unilever, Mondelez to name a few. It offers brand innovation to its clients, growing its offerings over the last decade to provide in-house research, strategy, naming, design, and digital services.

To celebrate the launch of its Singapore office, Labbrand hosted a celebrative party recently inviting long time clients and partners, including Mondelez, Four Seasons, Samsung, FRHI Hotels & Resorts and more.

“The opening of Labbrand Singapore is a very important step for our group. Singapore plays an important role – both regionally and globally – and we expect to start an exciting journey of brand innovation and exploration with our clients to uncover new ways to inspire, grow and disrupt their brands. We want to fully unleash the positive impact that branding can bring to companies and all their stakeholders,” Vladimir Djurovic, founder and CEO of Labbrand.

“Asia is a large market comprised of diverse cultures and consumer behaviors – all at different stages of economic development. Our international clients often face challenges to breakthrough in these diverse markets. With our Singapore office, we will enable our clients to strengthen their foothold in Asia with more timely and in-depth insights into local cultural nuances which, in turn, will inform strategy that ensures smarter, more confident branding decisions,” Yukino Yamamoto, managing director of Labbrand Singapore, said.

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