The Chinese are not biting KFC’s new campaign

China is the YUM Brands KFC’s largest market.

It’s latest I Commit campaign is aimed to bring back customer loyalty after a year old report that claimed the franchise giant to have excessive antibiotic use by its suppliers.

The KFC website on the mainland reads the slogan “Trust in every bite,” however, diners are not biting on the new advertisements.

The public that were interviewed said that rather than soothing their concerns, the ads are reminding them of the safety scare associated with the brand.

David Novak, chief executive of Yum Brands said that he is confident the campaign was on target, noting that in hundreds of consumers in testing said they felt better about the KFC brand after the chain addressed safety concerns.

“We don’t want to be doing it forever, but we want to communicate it and get it out there because it’s a lingering issue,” said Novak following Yum’s annual investor meeting.

A survey conducted in the past month found that 40% of respondents were still concerned about the use of antibiotics in KFC chickens.

Yum has over 4,500 KFC outlets throughout China, making it the largest market for the Western restaurant operator. The company is also due for a restructure, starting the fiscal year of 2014.

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