China Mobile Hong Kong leads the race of 5G development

Mobile network operators in Hong Kong are flexing their muscles to develop the 5G network and enhance market share. China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) is leading the race by launching a large scale 5G marketing campaign to strengthen their technology leadership image.

5G is the next generation of mobile network technology with an achievable data speed of up to 10-20Gbps, 10 times faster than the current 4.5G network. With low network latency, the network response time will be faster and makes large-scale implementation of internet of thing applications possible.

Aiming to showcase China Mobile Hong Kong's smart city applications that can be deployed soon after 5G network commercial launch, the campaign, positioned at the B1 floor in Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, unveils a new logo with 5G as a key part, having  “CMHK” as part of the city at the back.

Meanwhile, China Mobile Hong Kong is the first mobile network operator to launch commercial NB-IoT technology, which can be adopted in smart parking. The technology is now being tested in selected carparks. Apart from this, 5G technology enables large-scale deployment of IoT connectivity, interconnecting all parking spaces in the city. It will enable drivers to find out the real time parking space status and reserve parking slot whenever needed.

NB-IoT technology can also be applied for monitoring of trees, slopes and water levels. 5G together with IoT technology will also support the development of smart lampposts on which various IoT sensors are used to monitor temperature, wind direction and air quality of the city. It can also improve road traffic management in making intelligent driving possible in near future.

China Mobile Hong Kong was the first mobile network operator granted with 5G network trial permit from OFCA as of March 2018; In July 2018, the company became the first network operator in Hong Kong to successfully complete an end-to-end 5G network test. In October, China Mobile Hong Kong has also commenced outdoor field test with 28GHz 5G trial network in Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, becoming the first network operator in Hong Kong to conduct field test with commercial 5G network equipment. Last but not least, China Mobile Hong Kong is now installing a 3.5GHz 5G site with commercial 5G equipment in Mong Kok flagship store, and plans to commence field trial in November.

All the above 5G deployment plans prove China Mobile Hong Kong being an active initiator in 5G network and application development in Hong Kong, and the large scale marketing campaign shows that the company is striving its technology leadership among mobile network operators in Hong Kong.

The article is brought to you by China Mobile Hong Kong.