Changi Recommends unveils hotel booking site with 'clear-cut' pricing mechanism

Changi Recommends, a travel concierge, has launched a hotel booking site called ChangiHotels. The new site looks to offer more than 170,000 accommodation options at over 5,000 destinations. In addition, the site aims to have a clear-cut pricing mechanism.

Changi Recommends said in a press statement that it hopes to be the "one-stop" travel site for vacationers as it allows travellers to book travel necessities from one retailer. The site also looks to be transparent with its pricing as it eliminates "unspecified" costs or "unforeseen" surcharges. The final prices will be included with taxes on the checkout page, while travel bookings can also be customised with special requests.

In a bid to bolster its launch, ChangiWiFi will be offering day-for-day complementary Wi-Fi rental for those who book accommodation with the site. This promotion will be applicable to travellers who book hotels above SG$150 per night for Asian destinations and SG$250 per night for Europe and other regions. Each night of the respectively priced hotel booking will entitle for one day of complementary ChangiWiFi.

“We understand that everybody likes to go on a holiday, but the preparation process is never as fun. The creation of ChangiHotels was built upon the same strategies and values as ChangiWiFi – an accommodation booking site that is easy to navigate, transparent in its options and attractively priced," Ng Yan Sheng, general manager of Changi Travel Services said.

"We believe that these key factors will appeal to customers of all ages, and the addition of ChangiHotels will make their entire travel booking experience much easier while keeping it wallet friendly at the same time," he added.