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To capitalise on the acceleration of digital growth, the Malaysian market has set a goal of growing its digital economy by 20% by 2021. However, according to the Malaysian Digital Performance Index, only 7% of Malaysian companies have a dedicated budget for digital initiatives, while 55% of them are yet to realise improved business performance through the execution of digital strategies.

One of the things holding businesses back from broader progress in digital transformation is the lack of a clear, industry-oriented road map. The need for the hour is an analytics-backed 360-degree view of consumers while guiding them through the imagine, build, and run phases of the digital transformation journey.

All major digital leaders are progressing towards value aggregation and marketplace play while focusing on reimagining business models, re-evaluating the digital value chain, reconnecting with customers, and rebuilding the organisation.

How BORN leverages the intersection of art and science

BORN Group, an award-winning global digital agency, recently took home top laurels at this year’s Agency of the Year Malaysia 2020, positioning itself as a niche leader in customer experience management and enterprise commerce.

It recognised the rich opportunities that firms can leverage, sitting at the intersection of art (creative design) and science (technology) with the customer at the focal point. An ardent advocate of this synergy, BORN uses it to unfold revenue and cost propositions for enterprises aspiring for CX-led transformation.

BORN Group envisaged a strategic CX framework Stella that focuses on digital transformation for B2B and B2C businesses.

Stella incorporates three key elements: brand experience (BE) covers how a brand attracts and engages clients; behavioural experience (BE) deals with customer transactions across channels; and book-of-record experience (BR) captures essential data and analyses it through data science and back-office systems. This validates BORN’s thinking on storytelling, omni-channel, and sales for its brands, customers, and its internal team.

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A pioneer in customer experience management and enterprise commerce

Banking on its decade-old experience in customer experience management, BORN has been helping 500-plus brands across 40 end-markets by delivering a world-class brand experience.

Its focus is always on the right channel, using the relevant touch-points (digital or physical) where brands can interact best with their customer base. BORN has helped several Malaysian businesses rethink digital transformation across the pivots of business models, value chains, customers, and organisation structure with the right skill sets.

The telco industry in Malaysia has opened up to an immense opportunity to move up the value chain to explore new revenue levers and enable partnerships that can augment and complement their existing portfolio of offerings.

BORN, being a pioneer of customer experience management, was approached by one of the largest telco service providers in Malaysia, which was finding headwinds in an already saturated market, using the legacy infrastructures. The siloed channels resulted in a fragmented view of the customer, and a lesser optimal shopping experience. It sought new commerce solutions to power new business growth and to integrate both digital and physical channels to provide a seamless omni-channel experience.

BORN took a mobile-first approach for effective responsive delivery of product, inspiration, and brand content to ensure users enjoyed the same experience no matter which device they were using.

It helped the telecom player revamp its omni-channel customer experience, online commerce platform, and customer acquisition strategy, using the best-in-class tech stack (commerce + CRM + ERP), digital marketing, and an analytics solution.

One of the hallmarks of the solution was its three-dimensional stability and unified catalogue, allowing new commerce capabilities, new channels, and volume growth with a clear and consistent structure.

As a result of the solutions implemented, more than 3.5 million users were registered across digital channels in eight months since the launch. There has also been a 150% increase in the number of transactions on web channels, a 300% increase in conversion rates, a 30% reduction in bounce rates, and a 10% increase in average web session duration.

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A global energy and solutions company wanted to extend its business to motor sport merchandising in Malaysia. The motor sport retailer business of this global company aimed to diversify into a lifestyle brand for motor sport enthusiasts. It also wanted a scalable platform to enable a seamless purchase of its motor sport merchandise products by its dealers, employees, and end customers.

BORN Group has been working with it to implement an enhanced B2B2C eCommerce experience for the brand’s eponymous range of motor sport-themed merchandise and apparel through a phased approach starting with B2B commerce for its dealers.

It enabled omni-channel orchestration for B2B customers to have a seamless experience journey while they order and get fulfilment done with a sleek and world-class experience.

For more information, please reach out to Aditya Basu, corporate marketing - APAC, at BORN Group.


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