celio* Singapore says women don't get it

Set to reach 200,000 Singaporean men, men’s wear brand Celio has partnered with digital creative agency noisycrayons to launch the celio*flip campaign, using instant gratification techniques to engage audiences.

Utilising both desktop and mobile interfaces, the Facebook-based campaign features an energetic * that zips haphazardly across screen and the celio* man has 5 seconds to catch the target to be rewarded with apparel, shopping vouchers and 1-min shop-for-free sprees.

Eunice Er, assistant marketing communications manager of celio*Singapore said: “celio* Flip represents the first stage of our engagement strategy and will see the brand instantly gratifying the audience when they make connections with celio*”.

Participants are also rewarded for successful social media referrals and brand advocacy, receiving extra chances to flip for prizes.

The campaign aims to socialise the brand and give it a more personal voice and promote a modern, go-getting lifestyle, developing intimate relationships with celio* consumers.