Celcom brings '5 Sekawan' spot back in time for Lunar New Year

Celcom is bringing back the famous five from its festive films in its latest spot “5 Sekawan Selamanya” for Chinese New Year (CNY).

Conceptualised and helmed for the third time by M&C Saatchi Malaysia, Hasnah, Su Mei, Bom Bom, Kumari, and Maria will experience the richness of Peranakan culture and along the way, discover the true meaning behind a special custom that links back to the origin of their friendship.

The ad once again aims to demonstrate the beauty of their friendship and the strength that they draw from one another, despite their different backgrounds. It also showcases the timeless dignity and intricate artistry of the Peranakan people, from the refined kebaya, delicate kueh, to the unassuming etiquette and charming dialect.

Set in 1980, consumers will continue to be entertained by the gang’s shenanigans as they prepare to celebrate CNY. But Su Mei has a secret history that threatens to jeopardise her relationship with her mother and undermine the happy occasion. It involves the chai kee, a red banner with a delicate flower being tied on both sides of the cloth at the main door to welcome guests and the New Year. Although it symbolises celebration and good fortune, to Su Mei it has a more distressing significance. This is where her friends provide her strength and empathy to overcome her anxiety and sadness.

The six and a half minute film is predominantly narrated and acted out using the Peranakan dialect and Bahasa Malaysia, through a unique Peranakan delivery. Speaking to A+M, M&C Saatchi Malaysia's spokesperson said this decision stems from the desire to highlight the history of the Peranakan people, which is a mix of Chinese and Malay.

Check out the spot, posted on 8 February 2018 below:

Grace Chan, head of brand marketing at Celcom Axiata, said this year's CNY film is based on "the timely and important insight that real acceptance comes from empathy and camaraderie amongst races".

"The Peranakan (Baba and Nyonya) culture and traditions with very strong ties to Malacca and Penang are close to being forgotten, let alone practised by the young," she said.


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"As a Malaysian brand, we would like to appeal to all Malaysians and include traditions and culture that make us unique as a nation. We hope to always create awesome moments for our consumers and through this story, we’d love to bring Malaysians back to some parts of our forgotten heritage and remind ourselves that relationships are simply about strong ties between people regardless of race and religion," she added.

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