First parking summons, now cashcard. New marketing stunt hits SG motorists

Budget Direct Insurance has launched another campaign to give out cash to about 500,000 motorists without insurance, by placing a "cashcard" on their dashboards. This campaign follows it's "parking summons" marketing stunt which it carried out in June this year.

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Creative agency Co:hort Communications was responsible for conceptualising and executing the cashcard campaign. According to Simon Birch, CEO of Budget Direct Insurance, the "parking summons" marketing stunt was a "huge success" and the latest campaign will be equally effective, despite taking a less controversial approach.

Motorists woke up to find a "cashcard" on their windscreens, providing details on how to redeem an actual on with up to SG$10 credit. Motorcyclists will get up to SG$6 on their NETS FlashPay card. Budget Direct Insurance said this is a "no strings attached" promotion. Instead, it asks that vehicle owners register their details with them.

Running concurrently with the cashcard campaign is Budget Direct Insurance's "Pay less or get SG$100" promotion. If motorists find that their own car insurance renewal quote is cheaper than a quote from Budget Direct Insurance for the same level of cover, they will receive about SG$100 and there is no need to buy.

"Competition between insurers is really heating up and it's a lot of fun dreaming up these large-scale and groundbreaking marketing stunts. Who doesn't want to receive cash? And we wanted to do it on a massive scale again to maximise the impact. We're very happy to be spreading a bit of joy around Singapore," Birch said.

"Our last campaign created a splash in the market that set the social pages alight. We wanted to do the same again and highlight to the public, in a clear and direct way, what Budget Direct Insurance do best; offer great insurance while making sure more money stays in your pocket," Koh Hwee Peng, creative director at Co:hort Communications, said.