Casetify steals CE race spotlight in marketing stunt

Over the past few weeks, potential candidates in Hong Kong’s chief executive race have been using different means to tout their leadership credentials, and have caught the eyes of many Hongkongers.

New headlines and media coverages on the updates of the contenders seemed to have nothing to do with brands and businesses – until tech accessory brand Casetify got involved by creating a personalised product for one of the contenders, financial secretary John Tsang, and garnered considerable product exposure on Facebook.

Tsang is known as “Uncle Pringles” for his mustache similar to one worn by a character on the famous potato crisp’s packaging, and Casetify created phone cases with a Tsang-like Pringles cartoon on it, and sent it to him as a gift.

When Tsang posted the product on his Facebook page, the brand name instantly got exposed to those who had been paying attention to Tsang resigning in order to be able to run for chief executive.

“Thank you Casetify for sending me this personalised gift, reaffirming my position as the ‘potato crisp brand spokeperson’,” Tsang joked in his caption.

The post has generated 16k likes and 133 shares since last Friday, with a number of comments lauding Casetify’s marketing stunt.

“Casetify knows how to promote its brand,” one commented.

Other netizens recognised Tsang’s social media prowess.

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