Case study: How Quaker connected with TV viewers via the second screen


Quaker, the Oats brand with more than 130 years heritage, was looking to dominate the breakfast table by making oats exciting and show consumers that oats can be used in day to day cooking for healthier meal options.

Strategy and Execution

Together with Mindshare, it’s media agency for Quaker, it created a first of its kind cooking show called Oatsome-nya Quaker on TV3, hosted by celebrity chef Sherson to show the proof of concept to consumers. An online channel was also built ( to promote the show, featuring past episodes and recipe tips. It then connected the viewers of the TV show with the online channel through Xaxis Sync.

The target audiences were multi-taskers and 45% of them surfed their mobile phones while watching TV. This ‘moment of distraction’ was transformed into a ‘moment of conversion’, using Xaxis Sync which allowed Quaker to deliver online/mobile ads to a consumer who was browsing a device while watching the Oatsome-nya Quaker TV show.

The online ads were served to viewers based on a pre-selected profile (demographic, interest, age, time, day, location and platform) and reinforced the brand message on the TV show and invited the consumer to visit the website for recipes and other suitable content.


Site traffic to the online webpage peaked due to the digital-TV sync experience, with a jump of over 1,300%, the agency said. Sales volume for Quaker Oatmeal increased by 7% year-on-year during this period, according to the company.

The success story of this campaign is a clear indication that utilisation of data and technology serves as a strong trigger in making advertising engaging, thus elevating consumer response towards the brand.