Case Study on Content Marketing: 12WBT

Online video has been the lynchpin of the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT) programme. Created by Australian personal trainer Michelle Bridges in 2010, the unique 12-week online exercise and mindset programme has since established itself as a household name across Australia as the online portal for exercise and nutritional programmes.

Just like the programme for fitness members, online video has reaped amazing results for 12WBT.

From members having their “moment in time” to “one-on-one” interactions with Michelle Bridges, video has allowed 12WBT to create personal connections between Michelle and the growing influx of community members with a variety of viewing habits on different screens.

“We use so much video content for my 12 Week Body Transformation programme — it really helps me deliver my message.

“Video lets me be wherever my members are, and I can share advice about all sorts of things; from emotional habits, all through to their nutritional and exercise programmes. Think about all the different exercises I can show my members on video, as well as actual workouts where they can train with me. I really am their personal trainer.”

12WBT’s video strategy is simple, but effective. Create great content that is focused on the three pillars of the 12WBT programme: exercise, nutrition and mindset.

Engaging a loyal number of members active on the site’s forums and in social media, the company uses video to share information, members’ stories and inspiration as a way to communicate within its community.

The production approach to each type of video is also determined not just by the content, but also the platform or device the video is most often viewed on. For example, the 45-minute workout videos are watched on tablets or laptops, the 15-second exercise demonstrations are viewed most often on smartphones, while the “Mish mindset” chats are most often watched on desktops or tablets.

Since launching in 2010, round-to-round sign-ups for 12WBT have grown by 5000%, and its average engagement score increased to 80% through engaging the social community with video.

With Brightcove, 12WBT increased reach by seamlessly delivering video to audiences across desktop and mobile, and through social channels such as YouTube and Facebook, as well as on the site.

Brightcove Video Cloud platform’s robust set of APIs helped integrate its existing CMS and publishing workflow, and gave the team control over its publishing process. Video Cloud also provided the ability for 12WBT to manage multiple channels at any one time, considerably reducing workflows and allowing the team to focus on creating great content and delivering Michelle’s distinctive brand of personal training to the 12WBT community.

brightcove infographic